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What to Expect

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Length of stay

Patients differ in severity of impairment and limitations in function.  Therefore, the length of stay for rehabilitation varies based on medical condition, goals of the patient, progress and a number of other factors.  Generally, the length of stay averages 14 days.  Your case manager will be able to give you an estimated length of stay for your particular situation and update you as you progress through your rehabilitation program.

Visiting hours

Visiting hours at the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit are flexible, preferably between 4 – 8 p.m.  The majority of the day is filled with therapeutic activities.  Visitors are welcome to come and observe therapy as long as it doesn’t interfere with treatment and patient progress.  We understand that visitors are an important part of the rehabilitation process, and patients enjoy visitors, so usually late afternoons and early evenings are free.


Outside food and beverages must be cleared with your nurse to ensure your safety and health.  Your physician, nurse and speech therapist will evaluate your swallowing capabilities and advise on any dietary restrictions you might have.

What to bring for your stay

Please bring personal items and clothing with you for your stay in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit.  To prevent your personal items from being misplaced, it is recommended that you put your name on items such as clothing.  If needed, the nurses can assist you upon arrival.  Please note that laundry services are not provided, so please arrange with your family or caregiver to wash your clothing.   We do not recommend that you bring any valuable items such as cash, jewelry or electronics (laptops, tablets, etc.).  You can bring your cell phone, but we are not responsible for any lost or damaged items.  We do have a computer available for patients and family members. There is no need for money, jewelry or credit cards while you are in the IRU.  If you feel it necessary to have money available, please check it in with Security when you arrive.  Please note that the Security office is not in the IRU.

List of items to bring:

  • pants/trousers (2 pairs)
  • shirts/blouses (4)
  • undergarments and socks
  • night clothing and robe
  • sweater or sweatshirt
  • shoes with rubber soles
  • glasses, dentures, hearing aids


Overall safety and the well-being of our patients are essential parts of our care and philosophy in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Keck Hospital of USC.  The following are recommendations to ensure you and your family/caregiver remain safe while on the unit.

Do not leave the unit without talking to your nurse first.  Call lights are available in each room and restroom.  Use these call lights anytime you need assistance.  There may be a fire drill during your stay.  In that event, please follow staff instructions through the process.  This facility is a non-smoking facility.


Most rehabilitation patients are discharged to the community setting, either home with family and caregivers, to a board and care facility, an assisted living facility or a transitional living situation. You should plan to have some level of assistance when you return home. Occasionally, a patient will be discharged to a skilled nursing facility or another acute care hospital.

Discharge planning starts before admission and continues throughout your stay. Your discharge destination is determined by many factors including, but not limited to, your support system, insurance coverage, progress and level of assistance needed. You, your family and friends, and the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit (IRU) team are all involved in your discharge plan­ning. We will make all the necessary arrangements for equipment and therapy after discharge. Medications will be called into your pharmacy 24 hours before discharge whenever possible. Preferred discharge time is 10 a.m. Arrangement for continued post-hospital services will be made for you.

Follow-Up Post Discharge

You will be contacted after discharge to follow up on your treatment. You may receive follow-up calls to check on your progress starting within 48 hours and continuing up to one year post discharge. We want to ensure you are continuing to progress and offer any assistance we can.

You may also receive a patient satisfaction survey asking about your experience on the IRU. If you have any questions or concerns with your care during or after discharge, please call the Program Director at (323) 442-5364 and share your concerns. We want to do everything we can to make your stay here as positive as possible.

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