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Becoming a Patient

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At Keck Medicine of USC in Los Angeles, we are committed to providing the best in rehabilitation care. We focus on patients who have a diagnosis of functional impairment and patients who are medically stable but continue to need supervision and care of a physician and rehabilitation nursing.

Together the staff, patient, family and/or caregiver all work together to determine reasonable goals to work toward during rehabilitation care. Below, we have listed a comprehensive list of admission criteria for reference:

  • Medical diagnosis that results in functional impairment
  • Medically stable but continues to need supervision and care of a physician and 24 hours specialty rehabilitation nursing
  • Has a functional impairment interfering with their ability to perform activities of daily living (mobility, communication, toileting, bathing, dressing, eating, cooking, etc.)
  • Functional impairments needing a level of assistance greater than supervision
  • Reasonable discharge disposition that is not skilled nursing facility or lower level of care
  • Potential to make progress toward functional independence: need to establish reasonable patient and/or family goals
  • Patient needs at least two therapy services (occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy)
  • Can tolerate three hours of therapy in five out of seven days or with physician order 15 hours over seven days
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